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Find untapped audiences in any niche.

Discover and Target users of your exact competitors you would never find manually.

Search inside multiple groups at once.

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Standard License

Extract Data From 5 FB Groups Per Month

Cannot Be Used For Clients.

The Pacific App (Standard License)

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Can Be Used For Clients

The Pacific App (Developer License)

From the desk of,

Sandy Nayak



You already know that getting your audience as targeted as possible is the key to finally making your Facebook ads profitable.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

While making Facebook ads – Researching the specialised interests that mark out the most passionate, hottest prospects in your market takes time… but if you skip it and just use Facebook’s own suggestion tool, even experts struggle to make a profit.

Some marketers hire whole teams of VAs to hunt out the best interests for their ads.

But smart marketers just use Pacific App to create highly targeted audiences.

If you could, completely legally, tap into the niche audiences that some seriously big companies have spent millions building, would you do it?

Of course you would, right? That’s something every sensible business owner would want.

Better Targeting, More Clicks, More Money –

Faster Than Ever Before!

Most FB research software limits you to search for only interests or other generic stuff.

With the Pacific App, you are able to extract Email IDs and Phone numbers of People in any Group who’ve made their details public on their profile.

That alone gives you the ability to target users of direct competitors via email or Phone, but it doesn’t just stop there.

At the click of a button, you can upload your list of Email IDs/Phone Numbers on Facebook to create custom audiences whom you can show ads to directly on Facebook….

And Create Powerful Lookalike Audiences that would let you target people who have similar interests as users of your competitors!

With Powerful Lookalike Audiences – you are able to Focus on a Huge segment of people on Facebook who’re your best prospects to target.

Faster Searches

Search for as many FB Groups as you want at once

Target Exact Users Of Competitors

Get Publicly Displayed Email IDs and Phone numbers of FB Profiles who are all using your competitors product. Growth Hack By Offering Discounts and Free Trials to these people and get them to switch to your products and services!

Huge ROI

Such a high conversion rate means your ROI goes through the roof.

Better Audiences

Make sure only the HOTTEST prospects see your ads…giving you incredible results

Higher conversions

When you focus only on the right people, you get a far higher click-through-rate.

Discover the hidden markets that no-one else has found!

With the Pacific App, all the work of finding top audiences vanishes like autumn mist.

All you do is enter the details of the FB group you want to target. The Pacific App dives into the detail to find ALL the members who have Email ID’s and Phone numbers set to Public on their FB Profile. Creating a Custom Audience from these lists of Publicly Available Email IDs and Phone Numbers will let you target these people Via FB Ads Directly.

And when you open a saved audience inside the Audience Insights section of your FB Ads Account, you’ll even know

what you should be selling to turn the best profit by looking at advanced demographic data.

And that means

You get to turn this…

Into This:

“Look, that sounds great, but I don’t have a Computer Science
Degree from MIT or a part-time job at NASA.
Can I still use this?”

You bet you can.

The Pacific App was designed so ANYONE can pick it up and get great results in minutes. In fact, you can find the most targeted audience you’ve ever had in just 4 easy steps.

Step 1

Enter your FB Group Information to
generate a list of
Publicly Available Email IDs and Phone numbers of members.

Step 2

Cold Email/Cold Call Prospects with information that you were able to retrieve from the software.

Step 3

Create a Targeted Custom Audience on Facebook to whom you can market your products and services to.

Step 4

Create a Lookalike Audience on Facebook which has a far higher number of people that have similar interests to users of your competitor products.

That’s really it. The Pacific app will help you find the hottest prospects, with no real effort from you.

But don’t be fooled by how easy it is. Pacific App is the most powerful competition targeting software available, bar none.

Watch The Pacific App Generate 1528 Email ID’s in 7 Minutes!

Here’s a taste of the power you’ll have at your fingertips…

Multi-Group Target Engine

Speed up your research by searching for multiple groups at once.


No other competition targeting software can do this. With them, you’re restricted to just one term at a time. When you’re running a lot of ads, this gets old real fast.


But with the Pacific App, you can search for as many groups as you want in multiple tabs, massively cutting down your time investment.


Meaning you get to run more ads, email, call more people and make more profit than ever before.

Advanced Filtering

Make sure you only generate the very best data for your ads.


You can filter by Email Only. You can filter by Phone Numbers.


This is going to make your ads MASSIVELY more profitable… and you can do it better and faster than anyone else.

Built-in Knowledge Base

We’ve designed The Pacific App to be so easy to use, you may never need this. But if you’re ever unsure how to make something happen, we’ve put everything you need to know, right at your fingertips.

The Best UI Ever

This tool wasn’t built for developers. It was built for YOU, and it’s been designed to let YOU pick it up as fast as possible.


We’ve been through extensive tests to make sure it’s as intuitive as possible… not to mention, it looks so good you could dress it in leather and call it Jessica Alba.

And that means whatever your customers want to sell with your
Facebook ads, Cold emails or Cold calls… Pacific App can
make your campaigns massively more profitable!

Find an audience hungry for your new book by hunting for Facebook groups around other books in your niche and make their fans yours.

Make more commissions by targeting buyers who hang out in Facebook Groups of Product Companies.

Sell more products than ever using the combination of poweful custom audiences, lookalike audiences and interests.

Got a Fifa CPA Offer you want to promote? Search for Different FB Groups which have football lovers, extract publicly available data from their profiles and market to them with emails, calls and ads.

Drill down to the most focused audience possible (which includes users of competitors) to find the hottest leads on Facebook… and now, you won’t have to pay out huge amounts of affiliate commission. The profit’s all yours to keep.

And with so many uses, it’s not surprising
we’ve picked up a LOT of praise…

Are these people smarter than you? Are they better marketers? No! The only advantage they have is that they’re using the best competition targeting technology out there. Letting them find better and more responsive audiences.


Build a regular retainer income…

with a service EVERY business wants

One question: how many businesses want to get better results

from their Facebook ads, Cold Calls or Cold Emails?

All of them.


How Many Businesses Want to Target the Exact Users Of Their Competition and Market to them with the hopes of making them switching to their offerings?


All of them.


How Many Businesses Want To Build A Large Database of People Who Have Interests That Are Very Similar to Users Of Their Competition?


All of them.


Whether they’re offline or online, they want more leads and they want more sales. They certainly want to drive business and cash flow from their competition to them. And they don’t want to have to throw a ton of money at Facebook to get it.


That means they need better audiences, and with the Developer licence, that’s exactly what you can give them.


You’ll have rights to use the full power of The Pacific App for UNLIMITED Client campaigns.


And when you show the results you can get, you won’t have to sell your service. Just tell them how much they need to put you on retainer, and watch them bite your hand off.

And you can get the same advantage… at an 80% discount!

You can see how valuable The Pacific App is. Profitable Facebook ads, Cold Emails and Cold Calls are a licence to print money.

The first version sold – and sold well – at $97. With the huge extra features piled into this new release, it’ll soon be sold publically for $197.


And if we were going to ask you to invest that now, it wouldn’t be unreasonable. Not with the guarantee you’re about to get.


But you won’t have to invest anything like that. Not even close.

For a VERY LIMITED TIME, you can get an unlimited Developer licence on The Pacific App for the original price of $37.

And everything is covered by the 14 Day Guarantee!

You can try The Pacific App today with complete confidence. We GUARANTEE that you’ll find it the easiest and BEST way to make your Facebook ads, Cold Emails and Cold Calls finally profitable.

If for any reason you aren’t satisfied, send just one email to our support team and you’ll have your full investment back, with our compliments, within 24-48 hours.

That’s a promise.

Ready to make your Facebook Ads, Cold Emails and

Cold Calls Far More Profitable?

No-one likes seeing test after test fail.


And you know it can work. You’ve seen your competitors being able to bring in a lot of customers to their business.


How do they acquire their customers? It certainly must have involved a lot of time, money and work – they didn’t just get lucked in to finding the customers and users who consume their products and services. But with The Pacific App, you won’t be relying on luck.

You’ll have the Hottest prospects, EVERY time.


Just imagine… being able to type in just some information about a facebook group, and having a list of publicly available email ids and phone numbers of highly-targeted, passionate people who use your competitor’s product offerings and services delivered to you on a plate.


Imagine seeing your dashboard filled with PROFITABLE ads.

Would that make your marketing easier?


You bet it would. So choose your licence now. It’s the best deal on The Pacific App you’ll ever see, so hit the button now:


Are there any recurring fees?


None. We’ll make it a monthly subscription one day, but right now your licence is evergreen. And you’ll still get all the updates and all the support.


Is this software Mac-compatible?


It’s web-based, and that means you can use it on Mac, PC or even mobile. As long as you can access the internet, you can use The Pacific App.


What makes The Pacific App special?


In a word: speed.


Being able to research multiple facebook groups at once is a MASSIVE timesaver that other software just can’t match, and if you’re doing your research manually, an evening’s work will be done in minutes.


If you’re serious about Facebook marketing, this is the only choice.


Is there any chance of getting banned by Facebook?


We strongly suggest you use a secondary account which isn’t your primary account to avoid getting banned. Thousands of users have used our product and we haven’t had any complaints of FB accounts getting banned. But for safety purposes, we strongly advise you use secondary FB accounts that aren’t connected with your main Facebook account.


What licence should I get?


If you’re only ever going to use The Pacific for personal campaigns that are smaller in size, the standard licence will be fine for you. If you think you’ll ever want to build up some monthly retainers by running client campaigns OR simply do more research, you’ll need the Developer licence. Just be warned – if you get the Standard licence and decide you want to upgrade later, you won’t get the discount price.